Especially if you’re planning to use it anally.

“No matter how small it looks online, in your hand, or on the store shelf, it’s going to feel bigger.”

If you’re new to anal penetration, I recommend starting with something that’s no more than 1-inch around at its thickest insertable point.

The same goes for folks who are new to vaginal penetration.

Otherwise, if you already know you enjoy girth, you can start a little wider.

Add lube to your cart

Cheers to sexcessories!

Yes, you really need lube

“Lube makes almost every sexual activity better because it reduces friction,” says Sloane.

Add a harness for hands-free play

Dildos don’t "need" a harness to be enjoyed.

They can be manually manipulated during solo or partnered sex. Or held in place during oral/vaginal/anal sex.

However, using a dildo with a harness offers you a hand-free experience.

Clean it before putting it away

Why? Potential infection.

“Even if you’re the only one ever planning on using this dildo, you want to wash it between uses to keep from introducing bacteria to your body that could cause bacterial infections, yeast infections, [or] UTIs,” says Finn.

A silicone, glass, or stainless steel dildo can be completely cleaned with warm water and fragrance-free soap.

Also, dry it!