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Never order

I emailed and asked but never reviewed my order. I’m a about to dispute it.

Does not rotate

Also the Rose toy does not work. Light flashes like it is charging but does not charge. Junk from china !

Rose Toy Extendo
Brianna Ross
Wrong item was sent

The wrong item was sent and I did not get what I ordered

It is taking forever to be delivered

Rose Toy Extendo
Eric De Leon
Have not received it

Have not received it

The egg

My wife loves it,I don't think she needs me any more.

G-spot vibrator magic wand
Matthew thies Matthew thies

G-spot vibrator magic wand

Masturbation cup

Works ok but instructions are in Chinese not English and hard to figure out how to make it work.

Good product

It is cheeply made but works well. I'm too large and stopped the motor a few times. Good feeling, good product

Men Masturbation Sex Love Doll
John J

This product was exactly as described. Very life like and detailed. You can see the colors make it look real. With the weight of it you can set it down and use it without it moving. Inside it feels very good with lots of pleasurable sensations and tight sucking feeling. Works great also if using it with hands and isn’t too heavy. Overall great product. Discreet packaging. I will purchase another one from the seller since it’s my new favorite toy.

Men Masturbation Sex Love Doll
Melissa Allison

The weight of this doll plays a BIG part in the experience. The fact that I can prop this doll anywhere a go hands free, and watch it jiggle back is amazing, way better than going at it with a fleshlight in my opinion. The anal and vaginal holes are realistic with the write amount of lube.

Men Masturbation Sex Love Doll

I like it, gets very wet and it’s nice and tight so it stimulates real penetration. I came several times using it in one setting. One critique I have is that it’s really heavy. So I would suggest using a bed, table, or pillow to use it. Or watch porn everything else except your phone so you can have better control.

Sex doll masturbator
CJ Wilson

It felt great and I came really hard
Good texture, inside and out
Made of quality silicone that is malleable and does not tear easily

Sex doll masturbator
Yondel Gearhart

Una excelente inversión para quienes no quieren gastar de más, cumple su función y es fácil de limpiar su manual es muy sencillo y además trae lubricante que es un buen detalle creo yo

Sex doll masturbator
Pat R

This product is exactly what you need. It's the perfect mix of soft and firm to make you feel great when you use it. Each entrance gives you a distinct experience. Cleaning isn't a worry. With soap, water, and the provided absorbent stick, cleaning is simple and easy. If you want a doll, but don't want to spend potentially 100s of dollars on some more expensive products, this is the doll for you. Shipping is discreet, coming in a basic unmarked box. Works well for multiple uses. It also sits well on its own.

Great product! Arrived fast and in discrete packaging. This device was powerful with different vibrations modes. Very small and portable. Its even safe to use in the shower! Great customer support from seller!

The toy is so soft and flexible and the inner ridges and tongue feel great. It's amazingly easy to clean and the vibration strength is out of this world!

Absolutely love this toy not only is it a masturbator but it vibrates to which adds a little spice to your orgasm. When I tell you this will make you finish in 5 mins or less I ain’t lying what a great product HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Very fun and definitely a different experience. Would definitely recommend for fun times. The product is exactly as described. The vibration is super stimulating.

This little guy is powerful and amazing! Its suction and vibration is pretty strong for how small it is! The material, texture and little tongue at the end add more to fun times with it! A definite must buy for the price!

Took 3 weeks to be delivered
It's a good man vibratory, cheap and really effective.
Wauvvv, I tried it 30 minutes after it arrived.
It really can tickles the right place, never tried such a thing before.
It made me stiff and hard right away and make me come in a goooddd way

Masturbator Cup

This thing feels amazing!The suction is pretty damn close to real.There's a hole on the other end but this actually makes cleaning easier and you can put thumb or finger over hole to increase suction.Well worth buy

Haven't been having se..x lately due to working nights and not seeing the wife much. Always used my hand for masturbating. Couldn't wait for it to arrive to have my first try.

Put plenty of lube on to ease my pe.nis inside of it. Very slippery, took me a little while to get the positioning right. Once I started sliding my penis inside I felt the tightness and couldn't get over how amazing it felt. The stimulating textures and fantastic detailing are superb.

Didn't take me long to cum, quite an amazing climax too.

Masturbator Cup
Montana M.

Since it's flesh-colored, you can get a more "realistic" sense to it. there are bumps inside the shaft to make it more pleasurable for the man. My hubby is well endowed, and when erect, he 's 9inch. It is extremely hard to find anything that gives him the full coverage that he prefers.So when I saw this toy,This size is very good, very suitable for big guys.

Treat it like the real thing be gentle and use your fingers to open the hole then insert.Feels so good,the nubs do wonders... I really can't wait to try the next step up....